Home Backup System

Think about all those wonderful family photos, your typed notes, presentations, and spreadsheets. What would happen if they’re wiped out for good? You’ll be at a loss an knowing that you can’t restore them makes it more devastating. So it’s always good to back up your data – whether locally or in the cloud- so that you can retrieve it when your computer breaks down.


Simple and Efficient Could Storage

ACR can help you create backups of your media files and documents online. We can do so cheaply and efficiently in the Cloud. All your information and files will be secure and accessible from anywhere. Only the person who is authorized to handle the information or files can access it. Don’t worry about your privacy as well. You personal details will not shared online or with third parties.

Local Storage

If you’re not comfortable with Cloud storage, we can also do a simple data backup. We can copy the information to external drives. You can choose a storage capacity that matches your needs. All the information that you back up will still be accessible even if your computer fails.

Not sure whether local storage or cloud is good for you? We can help you determine the best backup system for your home. An external hard drive for under $100 will likely not be good enough. For a little less than $100 more you can have your entire home backed up. It’s reliable, secure and fault tolerant.

Call us on 678-899-6800 and we’ll advise you on the best storage and backup option for your media files and data.