Mobile Devices

More than 90% of residents in Alpharetta use their mobile devices on a daily basis. So we know the pain that most people feel when their mobile devices get damaged or broken. Don’t let a cracked screen or damaged speaker hinder your communication. ACR technicians are happy to fix your phone and replace damaged parts. Whether it’s a Samsung phone that fell on concrete or an iPhone that has water damage, we can restore your phone to its original state in no time.


Comprehensive mobile phone repairs

Trust no other name but ACR when it comes to mobile repairs and part replacements. We are known for our quick and thorough repairs. For the last 10 years, we have fixed hundreds of mobile phones. Our technicians can help you:

  • Replace cracked or broken screen
  • Fix faulty charging ports
  • Fix or replace non-functioning keys
  • Replace cameras and speakers
  • Fix sound or picture problems
  • Replace broken digitizers

Same day service is available as well as emergency repairs. Whatever is broken or damaged on your iPhone or Android cell phone, ACR technicians can repair it quickly and efficiently.

How Long Does it Take to Repair a Mobile Phone?

We always do our best to complete repairs for iPhones, Samsung smartphone and iPads the same day.  Simple mobile repairs can take less than an hour.  If we don’t have the part replacement for your device, you can make a down payment and we shall order it within a couple of days.

Why choose ACR for mobile repairs in Alpharetta

  • No-obligation quotes for mobile repairs and servicing
  • Up to 90-day guarantee on repairs
  • Genuine part replacements for damaged phones

Get Genuine Mobile Parts

ACR can supply you with a variety of genuine accessories and parts for smartphones.  We have in stock replacement parts and brand cases for iPhones, iPad, and Samsung Galaxy smartphones. All our replacement parts come with manufacturers’ warranties.  Just call or visit our office if you need them or if you need portable chargers, speakers, charging wires, or tempered glass. We will get you any kind of part that your damaged or broken phone needs.