Sales Business (Custom Builds, Refurb Laptop)

ACR is a trusted supplier of  custom built desktops and refurbished Windows/Apple laptop computers. For many years, we have built and sold custom PC’s to businesses in and around Alpharetta. Our customers know us for delivering Grade A refurbished laptops at unbeatable prices. Our PCs and laptops come pre-installed with iOS and Windows 7/8/10 operating systems. Call 678-899-6800 today to place an order.


Refurbished Laptops at Great Prices

Are you looking for a good laptop but don’t want to blow $500 or more? ACRs refurbished laptops is a great alternative that’s worth exploring. Our computer technicians refurbish branded laptops in store. To get one, simply visit our office and give us the specifications. We’ll assemble a laptop that will match your business or performance for less! Our refurbished laptops come with a power adapter and pre-installed productivity suite ( word processor, spreadsheet). Customers also enjoy a 6 months parts and labor warranty. When you order a refurbished laptop, you’ll get one that is:

✓ internet-ready
✓ tested for broadband/High Speed Internet
✓ optimized for performance
✓ firewall-enabled

Want a Custom Build Desktop?

Sometimes, customers want desktop computers that have certain specifications and components. It could be you want a larger RAM or bigger drive. ACR can help you build a desktop that matches your requirements. You’ll get a machine that’s not only dependable, but has more power than the standard off the shelf PC.

We use only high grade parts and customize each PC to match the specification of our customers. All our machines are hand-assembled in our store by skilled computer technicians who have years of experience. Some call us old-fashioned  but we love to work with our hands. We take great pride in each computer we build and deliver to our customers.

Call 678-899-6800 today to place your order for a custom PC or refurbished laptops. We’re happy to find you a good refurbished laptop or build a custom desktop from the ground up.