November 10, 2016

Secure File Storage for Businesses

ACR data storage and backup solutions provide businesses with a cost-effective and reliable way of managing critical data. Our solutions also support data sharing and collaboration.

Onsite Backup

Are you concerned about the possibility of losing critical business data? Don’t worry. We provide affordable onsite data storage and backup for businesses. It’s convenient for businesses owners who want to take control of their data. You can choose how much space you want for your backup from 1Gb to 1 Tb or even more.

Cloud Storage and Backup Services

Cloud storage & backup is a simple but cost-effective way of storing large amounts of data. ACR can help you move your  applications and data to a cloud where employees can collaborate. Documents and graphic images will be stored online so you won’t need local storage space. Our cloud backup and storage services ensures that you business data is not only safe but accessible 24/7. Storage and backup space is flexible. You can choose from 1Gb to 5 Tb for desktop and server apps.

File Sync and Sharing

ACR also offers reliable desktop & mobile device sync capability which keeps your data and files synced across several devices. Copy of all files and changes made are maintained in a server. Employs can easily share these files among themselves and business partners remotely. All they need is a PC and internet. Data stored in the cloud is secure, you won’t need a firewall. The good thing with storing data online is that you won’t need to invest in storage hardware. The cloud host service provider will take care of your storage needs.