Service Agreements for Businesses

Most businesses that experience problems with software or hardware always require fast and reliable support. They can only get the best support if they have an SLA in place. Without it, computer and networking service providers can renege on their promise to deliver the sort of support their business need.

A typical SLA should cover all your computers, software, and networking components.

  • telephone support
  • Monitored email support
  • Remote assistance
  • PC and network support
  • Data backup and disaster recovery
  • IT monitoring
  • scheduled or emergency onsite help

Why an SLA is important

The SLA is a critical document which defines and guides the working relationship your business has with a computer services provider or IT supplier. Basically, it stipulates the sort of support you should get when you hire a networking or IT company. The SLA is a binding contract which ensures your business gets all the support it needs. With it, a computer or IT services providers cannot turn on their word.

Do you Need an SLA?

ACR can help your business draft service level agreements that cover all your hardware and software including system upgrades and maintenance. Our aim is to ensure business gets adequate and prompt support so as to minimize downtime.

If you need an SLA or advise on what to include, call 678-899-6800 and speak to a friendly IT and computer expert.